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About us

Enterr10 Television is an Indian media and entertainment conglomerate that runs five satellite TV channels in four languages. The company was founded in 2004 by Mr Manish Singhal, who serves the company as the Managing Director. The flagship channel, also named Enterr10, was launched in 2006. Following that, it launched four new channels: Dangal TV (Hindi General Entertainment), Bhojpuri Cinema (Bhojpuri movies-24 hours a day), Dangal 2 (Hindi General Entertainment), Enterr10 GEC (Hindi general entertainment), and Enterr10 Bangla (Bengali general entertainment).

Enterr10's superior infrastructure helps broadcast digital quality signals with fantastic clarity and a promising reach compatible with prevalent technology. In addition, the content served reflects different cultures, traditions, emotions, and entertainment.


To retain our leadership position and expand our reach within newer territories with innovative content offerings..


To be the most significant innovator in the Indian media and entertainment space with diverse content offerings that educate, entertain and empower the viewers and reduce the vast divide that separates rural from urban India.


Enterr10 Network is one of the fastest-growing GEC Channels. The channel's ethos lies in understanding the cultural complexities within India. The existing simplification that governs the so-called rural and urban divide does not do justice to our viewers. For example, a village in Maharashtra is entirely different from that in Bihar. The group is cognizant of the minute differences. Through its programming, the network aims to penetrate the media-dark regions and cater to the entertainment needs of the Indian urban audience and the virgin rural markets. The underlying thought is to educate, empower and entertain rural, semi-urban, and urban audiences with targeted programming.

Dangal TV

Dangal TV is a 24-hour General Entertainment Channel with a substantial reach in all Hindi-speaking markets. The channel cuts across both Urban and Rural sectors. The unmatched strength of the channel lies in its unique style of storytelling that forges a connection between audiences from all age groups. Dangal TV is a popular destination across all genres: family drama, supernatural, mythology, a slice of life, and crime shows. A combination of fiction and non-fiction shows continue to engage emotionally with their viewers.

Dangal 2

It is a General Entertainment Channel that provides wholesome family entertainment through powerful and positive stories that forge an emotional bond with its viewers. These shows are not unidimensional. Instead, they represent the myriad emotions we experience daily, ranging from laughter, joy, sorrow, melancholy, calmness, and loss.

The exciting lineup has different fiction shows like "Pyar ki Luka Chupi", Jyoti, Basera, Crime Alert, and AlifLaila.

Bhojpuri Cinema

Bhojpuri Cinema is a Bhojpuri Movie Channel launched in March 2015. In the many Indias that lie within one India, the Bhojpuri market deserves special mention. The complex market is a part of the Hindi heartland and is influenced by the culture unique to the East of India. From the rich history, culture, and economic depression to contemporary politics, several influences shape the audience's tastes and preferences.

Bhojpuri Cinema is the first ever 24*7 Bhojpuri movie channel that resonates with all Bhojpuri Cinema lovers across the country. Genres like action, comedy, and thriller are popular among rural and urban audiences. The vast library has more than 350 Bhojpuri movies, delivering quality content.

Enterr10 Bangla

The Bengali GEC channel launched in 2018. It is a free-to-air channel. Enterr10 Bangla has strived to serve an eclectic mix of content catering to the discerning Bengali audience. It encompassed mythological serials, social dramas, crime shows, movies and devotional songs (morning band). It enjoys excellent affinity in the market, and the content offering is ever-evolving and resonates with Bengali viewers.